How we work

Thanks for visiting our website! Every organization has their own work procedure, schedule and strategies for successful accomplishment of client’s projects. We are not different from them. In fact, we always make our work process very simple, without any setbacks for clients. As you know, AKroofing3D is a fully licensed construction and home improvement contractor, provides its service in New York and all the nearest areas. Our main purpose is to build a perfect home for you and renovate homes and offices. We want you to tell you again that, we are your ultimate one-stop solution of every home improvement problem. We have very simple work procedure. We always keep it easy and simple to get the job done easily. Here’s how we work:


We Are Waiting For Your Call

If you in need of any constructional or home improvement projects that we can help with, you need to contact us via phone call, or email or message. We will assist you with your queries and all your problems.

It's Time For Inspection

After that, we discuss further your projects and send a highly-skilled, professional team to the job spot for inspections. They will take a deep look in order to find out the problems.


Explain The Process

They will explain everything to you that what things need to be fixed, how they will do it, what materials they will use and so on.


After that, we will give you a price quotation. Pricing will depend on some factors:
What type of service you need?
How much work needs to be done?
How many workers will require?
How much materials needed?
Subsidiary factors.


We Handle All

You don’t have to worry about materials. We will buy and provide all the necessary materials needed to do the job completely. The costing of materials will be included in the total price quotation.

We believe, making a proper work plan, working on them step by step will reach the final stage of ultimate success. We have been in construction and home improvement business in more than 9 years. So, you can trust on us and fully rely on our expertise and strategies. With professionalism and excellent work, we guarantee all our work and ensure the client’s satisfaction. Contact us today! For free consultation, call us at 646-492-0756. We are looking forward to working with you.